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HIPPAC’s aim to improve and facilitate the utilisation of pultrusion in order to develop new advanced composites profiles is addressed though the following objectives:

  • Development of a digital tool to accelerate pultrusion die design and line set-up
  • Implementation of innovative process controls
  • Improvement of productivity, as well as part quality and properties
  • Reduction of production costs by 20% - currently, pultrusion saves 9% on spar cap production costs compared to infusion


HIPPAC will enable research on digitalisation through development and implementation of new advanced digital tools, which improve turnaround, reduce wastage, enhance productivity and part properties. These tools will allow make simulation easily accessible to pultrusion manufacturers and end users to assess part performance more accurately prior to implementation. The new applications will support not only the wind sector but also the aerospace, construction and automotive where pultrusion is becoming increasingly prevalent. HIPPAC will also have a significant environmental and societal impact, supporting towards the increased electricity demands and reducing carbon emissions helping achieving UK environmental targets of zero emissions by 2050.